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Aerial View of Flyover Bridges

Dive Into the New Age of Transportation

GPS Tracking Solutions

MARK (Mobile Assets Real-Time Keeper) is a risk management solution aimed to secure and protect your vehicles along with its cargo and passengers. It combines the power of a GPS (Global Positioning System) device and a system that allows you to record vehicle and employee details, plot landmarks, create a delivery dispatch (pick-up and destination), pinpoint the vehicle’s present location, and know its speed, direction, and mileage in real time.

Reloadable Payment Card

TRIPKO is a reloadable payment card used for public transport including buses and jeepneys. It makes commuting much convenient and safer as it reduces cash handling of the passenger. Soon, it can also be used not only for Transport, but also for Recreation, and other Interests Purchase as what the name TRIPKO stands for.

Automatic Fare Collection System

TICKETKO™ is the most complete transport ticketing system that integrates web, mobile, RFID providing seamless solution for online fleet management, mobile POS transaction, cashless fare collection, real time data tracking, and accurate management reports.

Online Booking System

The internet and mobile technology have impacted everyone's lives significantly. Tasks like booking movie tickets, shopping, and even marketing can be easily done by sitting comfortably at home. Now, it is possible to quickly book transport tickets online and receive instant confirmation in the Philippines with SEATKO™.

Captive Portal

With the worsening traffic congestion and need for connectivity, passengers increasingly expect to be in constant communication with their work or social networks wherever they are. The opportunity to be entertained and be productive while traveling makes commuting more attractive and if addressed, becomes a significant advantage in increasing ridership of transport operators.


Road congestion converts our roads into a battleground for all of its users such as PUV's, private, cars, motorcycles, commuters, and pedestrians hustle through every day traffic. More important than ever is the visibility and proof of all incidents happening both inside and outside of your vehicle at all times.


We Integrate
With Your Business

We provide outstanding service for our customers to meet their operational requirement. In transforming innovative ideas into reality, Journeytech stays true to its commitment on product integrity and excellent customer service.

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