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MARK (Mobile Assets Real-Time Keeper) is a risk management solution aimed to secure and protect your vehicles along with its cargo and passengers. It combines the power of a GPS (Global Positioning System) device and a software program that allows you to record vehicle and employee details, plot landmarks, create a delivery dispatch (pick-up and destination), pinpoint the vehicle’s present location, and know its speed, direction, and mileage in real time.

MARK is also the only GPS system supported by a 24/7 call center or monitoring station for dispatching and active tracking of vehicle and cargo until its safe delivery to its destination. Furthermore, the 24/7 call center provides emergency assistance service in case of vehicle breakdown, towing, medical service, and even security response through its own network and the local police. It is like having your own 9-1-1. Increase your income by reducing operational inefficiency, making accurate logistic decisions, reducing insurance cost, providing better customer service, and most important of all, enhancing the safety and security of your vehicle, cargo and lives

New this 2023!

MARK GPS TRACKER can now be installed on the NINEBOT Kickscooter to equip you with advanced tracking features and real-time alerts to ensure safety while on the road.

                      - Real-time Tracking                                - Circuit Cut-Off Alert

                      - Alert Notification                                  - Fall Down Alert

                      - Geofencing                                            - Activity Report

For inquiries, contact us at 0920-473 1931 or message us on Facebook at Journeytech Inc. 

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