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With the worsening traffic congestion and need for connectivity, passengers increasingly expect to be in constant communication with their work or social networks wherever they are. The opportunity to be entertained and be productive while traveling makes commuting more attractive and if addressed, becomes a significant advantage in increasing ridership of transport operators.

WiFiKO™ delivers reliable internet connectivity in and around your vehicle with proper allocation of bandwidth to all those connected. It also allows you to track how many passengers are connected and understand their usage behavior which are both extremely useful in providing better public transport services and planning.

Futhermore, WiFiKO™ opens up new revenue opportunities in advertising through its captive portal.

Turn travel time into a good time. Keep your passengers happy and be the carrier of choice with WiFiKO™.


• Built-in GPS Tracker

• 60 Meter Range

• Bandwidth Management

• Up to 60 users

• Captive Portal (Advertising)

• Usage Statistics

• Increased Ridership

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