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TRIPKO is a reloadable payment card used for public transport including buses and jeepneys. It makes commuting much convenient and safer against COVID-19 as it reduces cash handling of the passenger. Soon, it can also be used not only for Transport, but also for Recreation, and other Interests Purchase as what the name TRIPKO stands for.

TRIPKO Smart Card is easy to use! LOAD on our accredited stations, simply TAP the card on the PUV’s device to make payment, and RELAX on your entire trip.

TRIPKO the Smart Ride makes commuting much more convenient and safer because of:

Hassle-free & Hygienic Payment: No need to hold cash & manual tickets

Automated Contact Tracing: No need for manual logging in trip manifest for each and every trip

Better Security: No need to worry about exposing your wallet

Easy Budgeting: Set aside transportation funds

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