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The days of manual dispatching, inventory of ticket bundles, cash handling issues and queue of conductors waiting for end-of-day reconciliation is over.

TICKETKO™ is the most complete transport ticketing system that integrates web, mobile, RFID that provides a seamless and 3G technology that provides a seamless solution for online fleet management, mobile POS transaction, cashless fare collection, real time data tracking, and accurate management reports.

Its mobile POS ensures that all transactions are consolidated and uploaded via 3G or upon syncing at the end of each day.

Elevate your company to the next level and let TICKETKO™ help you successfully achieve your goals.


• Web Platform for Data Access Anytime & Anywhere

• Integrated Vehicle & Employee Record

• Inspector Log

• Cashier module

• Various Management Reports – Trip Profitability, Passenger Stats, Expense Breakdown


• Access Data in Real-time

• Minimize Cash Handling Risk

• Prevent Theft, Fare Evasion and Fraud Loss

• Maximize Profit through Operational Efficiency

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