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PhilAuto 2018

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

July 13-15, 2018

The much-awaited expo of the year for Automotive Parts Accessories, Services and Repair has taken place at SMX Co

nvention Center with various business representatives from the Automotive Industry in the Philip


Journeytech Inc. showcased their latest product offerings during the event, each with very innovative features made for every mode of transport we have in the country – from private cars, buses, and delivery trucks for businesses.

Our company has never stopped in providing solutions for the Transport and Logistics industry, here is a list of those:

• MARK (Mobile Assets Real-Time Keeper)– GPS for delivery trucks • MARK Cool – GPS for reefer trucks (w/ temperature sensor) • MARK Construct – GPS for heavy equipment (w/ Service Meter Report) • Hulibus – GPS for buses (w/ WiFi and Camera) • ATTS (Automated Transport Ticketing Solutions) – Ticketing device for buses and modern jeepneys

We assure our customers the commitment of providing round the clock facility to actively address each of your concern. Our company’s mission is to continuously innovate and impart quality service to our valued clients.

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