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DOTR Deploys 150 units of Modernized Jeepneys

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

July 21, 2018

Modernized jeepneys has gone through so much discussion on the government before coming out with the decision of finallhy deploying the first 150 units ready to hit the streets of Manila starting Monday, July 23, 2018.

Despite the heavy rains, the event still pushed through and is attended by government officials, people from the media, and transport companies. Many have questioned the idea of modern jeepneys due to the way its designed. Some say it looks more of a bus, than a jeep some even stated that this project is anti-poor since the convenience it would bring might cause the commuting public to pay a fare higher than the usual charge PHP 9.00 on the traditional units we currently have on the road.

With a minimum fare of PHP 15.00, models T20 (20-30 pax. Capacity) and Supro (12pax capacity) is already installed with GPS and an Automated Ticketing Device both powered by Journeytech Inc. It will also be used along with pre-loaded tap card to be launched by mid next year. The units have CCTV, Dashcam, stop button, and is fully air conditioned, making you look more presentable without paying too much on taxis and TNVS. This will also lessen pollution and would provide fresher air for the next generation to enjoy. The current ticketing device on DyipKo units has an option for those who will pay in cash. This gives you the opportunnity to experience modernized jeepneys without having to acquire a card which can only be used on a specific brand or unit of jeep. Since this project is still in its transition period, EcoDyip Inc. wants the service to be available to everyone and currently, they offer free rides as part of their introductory activity.

Here is the list of routes travelled by DyipKo units:

Supro: Eastwood Libis to Shaw Blvd (vice versa)

T20: Lawton to PTX – Philippine Transport Express Corp. (vice versa)

So, the next time you see these on the road, do not hesitate to give it a try and take a ride. Because DyipKo, is the Dyip made for you and every Filipino.

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